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Thursday, April 1, 2010


My maternal great grandfather was Thomas Edward Evitt who married Harriet Phillis in the Maclean district in nothern NSW in 1877.
She had been born in Raymond Terrace near Newcastle in 1857 meaning she was 20 when she married.
Thomas Evitt appears to have lost his father early in life with only the name of his mother, Emily M, recorded on his death certificate.
Alternatively, he may have been born illegitimate.
He named his first born child, Emily Esther E. Evitt, after his mother.
The name 'Esther' may indicate a Jewish connection.
Emily Evitt was born in the Richmond River district before her parents moved to Sydney where they proceeded to have seven more children.
My grandfather, Archibald Robert "Tom" Evitt was number four in the line-up of five boys and three girls:
1880 Emily Esther
1883 Bertha S
1885 Arthur A C
1887 Archibald Robert
1890 Stella M L
1897 Claude M
1899 Clarence E R
1903 Leslie R

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