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Saturday, August 24, 2013


The grandfathers of one of my maternal great grandmothers, HARRIETT PHILIS, may have been friends.
Harriett's parents were Elizabeth McGibbon Jnr, daughter of John and Elizabeth Snr, and George Phillis Jnr, son of George Phillis Snr.
Both of their names, John McGIBBON and George PHILIS, were on a published list of contributors to the Irish Relief Fund at Port Stephens on 11 November 1846.

The Sydney Herald of 18 February 1833 records the arrival in Sydney of John and Elizabeth McGibbon, free, on the Clyde.
Their daughter Elizabeth had been born on the voyage from Scotland.
John was a rope maker but the following month he was made a constable in charge of convicts  at Port Stephens.
He later moved to Dungog and then to Stroud.

George Philis appears to have been a convict. He arrived in Sydney in 1838 with a life sentence.