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Friday, April 2, 2010


On the MAWBEY side of my family, my great grandmother and three of her children were murdered by two Aboriginal men in July 1900.
Today I've discovered that an EVITT woman met with a similar fate!
I don't know if she is any relation to me, but it will be worth trying to find out.
This brutal murder occurred at Jundah near Longreach in Queensland in January 1909.
The body of the 30-year-old widow was found floating in the Thompson River with her head smashed in.
An accomplished horsewoman, she had gone out looking for stock and had not returned.
A black-tracker called Bismark who had been working with sheep in the area was arrested on suspicion of her murder.
He subsequently confessed, was sentenced to death and hanged in Brisbane Gaol on 20 April 1909.
Bismark said he did it because the Evitt woman called him names.
A similar motive was attributed to Jimmy Governor, the Aboriginal man who initiated the murders of the Mawbey family.

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