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Saturday, January 21, 2012


There appear to be several 'William' Evitts or Evetts.
In 1825, a William Evett, convict, arrives in New South Wales.
He was born in London and tried at Armagh.
In 1836, a William Evitt is before the Quarter Sessions court in Campbelltown.
On Friday 27 August 1847, a William EVITT is recorded as subscribing 10 shillings to the International Order of Odd Fellows - Manchester Unity, Sydney for the relief of Irish and Scotch destitute.
On Tuesday 11 September 1885, the funeral of a William Evitt took place.
 According to a newspaper report, the funeral procession was to move from his late residence in Goulburn Street to Charles Kinsela's in Goulburn Street.
In 1880, a William Evitt, labourer, died intestate (without a will) at Ben Bullen (near Litgow). [Source: NSW State Records]
In 1915, a William Evett is named as the co-respondent in a divorce case. [Source: NSW State Records]

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