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Saturday, January 21, 2012


According to the NSW State Records Index to Orphan Schools, an Edward Evitt aged 5 and his older brother William aged 7 were placed in care on 21 April 1858.
They appear to have been the illegitimate children of Emily Esther Evitt, daughter of Thomas E and Emily Esther Evitt.
Both boys were born at the Maclean near Kempsey on the NSW North Coast.
William E T Evitt was born c.1851 and his brother Edward T born c.1853.
Their births were not registered.
They were placed in the Protestant Orphan School at Parramatta, in the building formerly occupied by the Female Orphans' School, which is still standing as a heritage building.
One of them, Edward Thomas, was my maternal great grandfather.
After fathering at least nine children, he died at Balmain North on 11 December 1924.
His occupation was plumber.
His wife Harriett Evitt (nee Phillis) died at Mosman in 1948.

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